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Take a Step Today for the Future

Today, sustainability is standing in front of us as a model by not only taking environmental balance and economic growth together but also ensuring efficient use of natural resources, raising the importance of environmental quality and meeting the urgent needs of future generations without endangering their own needs.


As Narkonteks Tekstil A.Ş. we are being inspired by protecting and maintaining these resources which are the basis of our existence and business. By incorporating our sustainability vision into our corporate culture, we take steps for a better world to live in and achieve global goals altogether with our employees. Thus, we established the Sustainability and CSR Department in 2017 in order to establish corporate infrastructure and principles related to sustainability. This department, which takes the leadership in the efficient use of resources within the company, ensures the continuity of all certifications and audit processes as well as ensuring the corporate culture.


Efficient Use of Energy & Renewable Energy

We have taken a concrete step in our energy management system by implementing solar energy panels to all our manufacturing, logistics and operations buildings; which will help us save more than 500.000 KW electricity annually. We aim to obtain all the energy used in our production activities from renewable energy sources in the next 5 years. We use LED lights indoors. Among our production , we convert the suitable machines from AC motor to DC motor. We use new generation compressors with low consumption by operating the air lines used in production efficiently without leakage. We prefer air conditioning systems working with VRF technology indoors.

Manufacturing Waste Management

We recycle our textile and apparel wastes generated as a result of our production activities into reusable textile raw materials through official recycling companies in order to protect our environment and natural resources and reduce their impacts on the nature. We are recycling more than 100 tons of fabric from our manufacturing process.

Afforestation Project

We are working with The Aegean Forest Foundation by planting a tree for celebrating our employees’ birthdays. We aim to plant 1000 trees annualy in Bergama Kınık area in Izmir.


We renew our Green Point certificate every year with the Çevko Foundation in order to collect the packaging wastes used in production properly and recycle them. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we are recycling more than 33.000 kg of paper and cartons

Environmental Management System

We take all kinds of measures to reduce water consumption. We are collecting the water from our purification units in tanks to use in garden sprinkler systems and lavatories. We regularly renew our certificate of ISO 14001: 2015. With our waste management system, we are sorting contaminated fabrics, batteries, bulb wastes, cleaning supply packaging and electronic wastes and we are ensuring a total of 250 kg material to be recycled properly.

Corporate Social Compliance

For the continuity of our company's social compliance, we are audited by international social compliance and audit institutions such as BSCI and Sedex. We do not use child labor or forced labor in any line of activity. We take care that our working environments are livable, safe, clean and tidy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We as Narkonteks Tekstil A.Ş., continue contributing to the society we live in by developing projects through various associations, schools and chambers of commerce within the scope of education and employment oriented social responsibility projects.


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