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Bu altyapı sayesinde düşük parti büyüklüklerini, hızlı ve kalite sürekliliği değişmeksizin gerçekleştirebilmektedir.

NOS (Never Out of Stock) ürünlerini bu altyapı sayesinde tek beden, tek renk olarak üretebilmenin yanı sıra acil olan veya planlı sezonluk siparişleri önceden belirlenen planlar üzerinden kapasitesine dahil edebilmektedir.


NOS siparişlerin yalın üretim altyapısı ile üretilmesi markaların NOS ürün grubu stoklarında %70’e varan düşüşün yanında servis seviyelerinde çift haneli yüzdelerde artış sağlamaktadır.


Fast & Flexible

  • Short Lead times (6-8 weeks)

  • Small and fast sewing cells of 8 to 12 people

  • Weekly orders based on weekly sales

  • Low production quantities

  • Short cycle time from cutting to shipping

  • Reliable and flexible planning for all stages of production

High tech machinery set-up for ‘’Next to skin’’
product range

  • Fine gauge and highly elastic fabrics

  • Automated machines for consistent quality

  • Special Attachments for fine fabrics

  • Suction Units for clean and healthy production

  • Secure Stitches for durable stitches on the product

Excellent supply chain management with
qualified suppliers

  • Premium fabric and accessories

  • Fine gauge fabrics ( 36’’ – 44’’)

  • Full size range body size knitting set up

  • Large range of circular knitted fabrics

  • Nano-tech applications

  • Experience in all kinds of fibers (natural, regenerated, man-made)

Store Based Pick & Pack service

  • Shop assortments can be made for our customers

  • Fast and effective process planning

  • Direct delivery to shop floor


Number of Production Unit


Number of Employee in Each Unit


Daily Production Capacity


Total Number of Machines

Production Stages

A successful production process in the textile industry involves meticulously planned and carefully implemented stages.

  • Input Quality Control

  • Laboratory

  • Fabric Warehouse

  • Accessories Warehouse

  • Pre-Cutting

  • Cutting

  • Sewing Units

  • Pick & Pack and Shipment


Narkonteks Textile Inc. conducts lean production with its powerful IT infrastructure, manufacturing capabilities, supply chain, and experienced team, enabling real-time monitoring of production.

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