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For continuous assured quality, Narkonteks Tekstil A.S. runs practices of international standards on each processes of production. These practices take the customer satisfaction beyond expectations once combined with correct communication, technological investments and strong know-how.


Within our company, a quality control system of four stages is applied in-house to manage all processes before and after the production correctly and precisely to cover the customer expectations of flawless and continuous quality.

1- QC of Fabric and Accessory Inputs

Being applied inside own laboratories with international standard equipments.

  • ​Colorfastness to washing

  • Colorfastness to rubbing   

  • Color measurement test / Spectrophotometer 
    (Datacolor 800)

  • Dimensional stability test to washing

  • Moisture measurement

  • Elasticity measurement (Zwick Roell) 

On demand, cooperation with international and independent laboratories is also possible. Meantime, the suppliers’ control reports help the tracking of control even before the inputs’ deliveries and increase the level of service.

2- Process Control

It is all of the systematic controls performed by a competent team under the Quality Assurance Department to determine the level of instant product quality and to ensure excellent product output.

3- 100% Final Product Control

Having a lean production in Narkonteks Tekstil A.S., at the end of each production cell the quality control is applied to all finished products 100% and by regular reporting the level of quality could be tracked easily.