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Leaf The Story of

Fig leaf, covering nudity since the very beginning of history, has been selected as the emblem of Blackspade products.


The history of the fig leaf is based on the need of Adam and Eve to cover their nudities, after having tasted the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. As being inspired by this very first underwear, we offer exceptional comfort at every moment of your life.


The fabrics used today in Blackspade products are just as natural, but far more pleasant to wear. Blackspade was born in the Aegean Area, an earthly paradise where fig symbolizes plenitude and cotton symbolizes the source of naturalness, where both are harmonized by the same breezes.


Our designs, essentially focused on perfect fit, comfort and health are suitable for different climatic conditions and lifestyles, distinguish themselves at a single glance by the special fig leaf emblem.


Hoping that your choice will make you happy…

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